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Tablescape Thursday -Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy

Sometimes you just want a pretty table without a lot of fuss.
That's why this week's table is "Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy". Tomorrow's dinner with the family doesn't have to be spectacular or in celebration of a special event to be worthy of a nice tablescape. Sometimes it's nice to just celebrate home! So I pulled some everyday placemats and napkins out and paired them with my favorite IVORY dishes. My centerpiece came together from items in my kitchen and frontyard. I took two clear glass vases and filled them with fresh lemons. I had purchased alot of fresh lemons at the market earlier and thought they would look nice in an arragement until I'm ready to juice them for fresh lemonade. I had Mr. Panache clip some magnolia leaves from my tree and tucked the stems down inside the vases filled with lemons. Easy!
I opted for a set of everyday placemats from Target. They are khaki, green, yellow and white striped. The lower right corner is embroidered with a cute and fun little dragonfly. I love the fresh natural colors. Breezy!

You can see the lemony yellow strip in the placemat and how the color is accentuated with the fresh lemons in the clear vase. I love the contrast between the fresh green magnolia leaves - so shiny - and the citrusy hue. Lemon!

Okay, here I made a big departure from etiquette. Instead of placing my flatware appropriately, I laid the forks and knife on top of the salad plate. I know that's probably a big faux pas but sometimes it's fun to shake it up and break out of the ordinary. (Okay, the real reason is that I had Mr. Panache remove the center leaf from my breakfast table and it's just a little tight now. LOL!) Squeezy!

I've been looking for a set of dragonfly napkin rings. Can't find any so far. If you see a set, please share. I'd love to know about it. I've always loved dragonflies. I hate household flies but dragonflies seem more like butterflies to me. Who could hate a butterfly?

Love, love, love these little metal filagree chargers. They have been painted to look like they're aged wrought iron. I picked these up right after Easter for $5 each. These will be used often over the warm months of spring and summer.

I've had my napkin holders for serveral years. I found them in a Better Homes & Garden catalog and purchased eight. They are heavy metal and each bird in the set is positioned differently. They have also been painted to look aged.

Remember Wilmer and Maxine? Well here they are on tablescape duty again and believe it or not, they've added to their happy little nest. Yes, that's right! They hatched little ones while on Spring Break! I've now got the Salt and Pepper shakers to match!

I wonder what adventures these youngsters will have next year on Spring Break? Well, whatever they find to do I bet it will be laid back, stress free and Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy!
For more fun, whimsical, comfortable and classic tables be sure to visit SUSAN at Between Naps on the Porch for a complete list of TABLESCAPE THURSDAY bloggers.

Until I see you again,
Happy Tablescaping!


Martha said...

A lovely table -- love the lemons and magnolia leaves -- it doesn't always have to be flowers! I've seen dragonfly napkin rings but not sure where -- I'll be sure to let you know if I see them again.

Candy said...

What a fresh table and such unique chargers, totally different. Love the living center piece.
Always perfect.
Blessings, Candy

ellen b said...

Very pretty Alisa! I like the green, yellow and white with the lemons as the centerpiece! Happy TT To you!

Joyce said...

Unique chargers. I would love those and the entire tablescape is charming.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a pretty and springy looking table. Love the placemats with the yellow and green stripes and the dragonfly on the corner is just precious. The chargers are so unique. Love them. How pretty to use the lemons and the magnolia leaves. They look so fresh and I'm sure they smell good too. Very pretty tablescape. Hugs, Marty

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Alisa...LOVE your tablescape! That's one of my fav. arrangements...lemons with magnolia...so pretty! And Maxine and Wilmer had two babies...congrats! :-) Those chargers are so different...I really like them! Susan

Karen said...

Very pretty table. LOVE the chargers. The lemons and magnolia are so fresh and wonderful! Karen

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is a wonderful tablescape -- I can even smell the lemons!

Lisa said...

Very pretty table.Love the flatware and the napkin rings!

Chandy said...

I love those chargers! Where did you get them?

That is one cool table! Everything looked great! I can never remember how to do the utensils so I rarely follow the norm on that. Makes it more fun for me! ;-)

~CC Catherine said...

Hello Alisa! ;) I adore this tablescape this week! Lemons in water are my fav., and with the additional magnolia leaves, it gives it that really cool tropical feel. Love it! The chargers are so cool, I'd love to know where you picked those up...I think I'd love to add those to my charger collection, FOR SURE! ;) The bird napkin rings are just as precious! ;) Super job today! ~CC Catherine

Blondie's Journal said...

Love the chargers, Alisa. And the lemony motif for the table is so refresking! Kudo's to you for switching up the flatware placement. We do it with napkins... ;-)

Thanks for sharing!


xinex said...

I just love your tablescape, ALisa, so original. Those plate chargers are so pretty and unusual. In fact, everything on the table is so pretty...Christin

Kammy said...

Hello Alisa,

Your tablescape is so fresh ! I
do love ,love ,love those chargers-
I like the fact that you can really
see more of the placemat underneath. Those goblets are such
a nice color. I won't send the
"Tablescape Police" to your home
for the silverware (because if you
look at my first tablescape - I
set them all backwards, LOL) Thanks
so much for sharing your wonderful
eye and talent !

Hugs ~

Melanie said...

Didn't those linens, dishes, flatware, etc., make a tv appearance last Monday?
Cute "editorial" comments: easy, breezy,lemon, squeezy!

Peggy said...

Congrats, Alisa! Once again you have delighted me with such a unique and clever tablescape. Love the theme and how you incorporated the lemons, so easy. Peggy from PA

Tammy518 said...

Beautiful table, Alisa! I love dragonflies too, and I'm going to have to look for those placemats.

I've been eyeing these dragonfly napkin rings


They're a bit pricy, but oh so pretty.

The Raggedy Girl said...

Happy Table Scape Thursday!

I am stopping by to visit From Between Naps on The Porch and your Lemon, white china table scape is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

I adore lemons as a centerpiece, so fresh and summery!!

Thanks for all your fantastic ideas!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love this tablescape. It's very sweet. The colors are some of my favorite for a tablescape. I wish I could go out into the yard and gather magnolia leaves. I have to order them. I would love to have those chargers. If I find dragonfly napkin rings I'll let you know. I love dragonflies, too!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Terrie

Cynthia said...

Would love to know where you purchased the chargers. They are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

"Blossom" said...

Those wire chargers are so unique.
That's what I love about your tablescapes, they are simple to unique and impluse setting.
I too love the dragonflys.

Unknown said...

It's amazing what nature gives us for our tables. Lemons always add such color and a happy feeling! Love your wire chargers and your birdie napkin rings! So pretty!

Michelle said...

Absolutely love our table. And the metal filagree chargers are wonderful and could be used in so many ways and no problem storing them either!!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

So nice and fresh. The chargers are fantastic. I'm craving lemonade now!

Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Alisa,
Those chargers are so unique. I have never seen any like them. I love to see centerpieces made from things outside the homeowner's door. Very nice.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

LOVE those chargers, and I am so impressed with the bargain you got on them! Your flatware is so unique and pretty, and I think lemons always add such a pretty, fresh jolt of color to a table. Nice job. laurie

Cass @ That Old House said...

Haha ... loved this post, so cute! And pretty, too!

Your table is charming, and I'll bet it smells great, too, with the lemons right there!


Kathleen Ellis said...

Fabulous tablescape, Alisa! I LOVE it...I love setting a pretty table for everyday dining! Everything is lovely but my favorites are the scrolly metal chargers...great find!!! Clever title, too!

Scribbler said...

Pretty and fresh!

I really really like those chargers -- the wheels started turning -- I could see some kind of wall art piece done with these. Now you know I will be looking for some!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love your Lemon tablescape. I will keep my eyes open for dragonfly napkin rings.
Thanks you for stopping in. I always love a visit from you! Have a great weekend!

From the Old InkWell said...

OH! I love it and looks like everyone else did too! A winner!

I'll let you know if I see any dragonfly napkin holders. I love your placemats with the dragonflys. I was given some bronze dragonfly napkin rings a few years back, but I don't know where they came from.

Happy Thursday, Marsha

Dream Mom said...

Beautiful tablescape. I just love those chargers. Once again, a beautiful job.

Mary @Boogieboard Cottage said...

I really like your place mats and napkins. Your table looks really fresh with the lemons and magnolia leaves and the white chargers and birds make it very spring like. :O)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Absolutely divine! Everything is just so so perfect. Oh, how I wish I could use fresh magnolia leaves to decorate with. I do have some great faux ones, but real would be so nice. Have you ever tried preserving them? I took some home once from our yearly trip to N.C. but they don't last long. Pods do better.

Love the lemons and the dragonfly motif!

Ok, everyone is asking ~~ please share~~ wherever did you find those filagree chargers????????

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words and your visit.

Robin said...

Lovely setting....love the double duty of the lemons....
I hope your day has been beautiful.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love, love, love your tablescape this week. It's so earthy!!! I too have those wire chargers from Target but I haven't used mine yet in a tablescape. I love how you've placed the silverware. I just got some silverware like that, can't wait to use. And I love the placemats. I love dragonflies as they remind me of when my son was young & used to catch them. You always do everything to perfection.

Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me such a wonderful comment. It means the world to me. Have a great weekend.

Miss Janice said...

I loved everything about this tablescape; the centerpiece, the napkin rings, the chargers, even the flatware place on top of the plates...hey, we are displaying right? Just so light, springy, and pretty!


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