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Easter Basket Delights for a Hostess

Happy Hump Day! Sorry this post is a day late. I had "technical" difficulties with my digital camera. That's short for the battery needed charged. LOL! Is your week as hectic as mine so far? Both boys have had extra activities this week and I am frantically trying to finish some EASTER projects as well as keep some clients happy by completing their orders and finishing their jobs before the holiday. Whew! Almost there!
Are you entertaining at home or being a guest this EASTER? Will it be Brunch or Lunch? Indoors or Out? Well, I am going to be a guest, sort of. We are celebrating EASTER with a big family luncheon at my Mother-In-Law's home. So as not to go empty handed, I'm taking a special EASTER basket filled with delightful and thoughtful items for our hostess.
The completed basket is full of wonderful, little "grown-up" treats. None of which are expensive but all the items are practical and useful for entertaining and party planning.
Here I go again with my green and white color scheme.....

I found this fantastic basket at Hobby Lobby. Yeah, I know, your town doesn't have one. I am sorry. So go to the phone, call the corporate office and tell them you want a Hobby Lobby near you! If enough of you do that, perhaps they will expand and create some new jobs for your town. It's worth a shot. I love that store! It is quickly becoming my favorite place to shop for home and seasonal decor (other than my own product line of course).
This basket is deep and reinforced with metal wire. It is covered with natural tree bark on the outside and makes the absolutely perfect EASTER basket with its big, tall handle. I started by wrapping that handle with a soft-green striped ribbon. I wrapped a continuous length of ribbon around the handle until is was covered and then tied a fluffy bow at the base of the ribbon. I then followed by cutting another length of ribbon to form the second bow on the opposite side.

Because this is a hostess gift basket I wanted to use practical items inside. What could be more useful than pretty napkins? I tucked two of them in the bottom of the basket and allowed them to drape over the side. The napkins are 100% cotton in a soft green with a white leaf patterned woven into the fabric. These two napkins will also form a barrier over the holes in the basket weave and keep my tissue paper and shredded "grass" from coming out. Won't this make a perfect bread basket after EASTER is over? I can just see this sitting on the table on a deck or patio during a garden party for the girls. It could hold fresh rolls, slices of thick bread or fresh fruit.
I took 12 pieces of white tissue paper and balled them up to fill in the basket to 3/4 full. This will elevate the items I want to display.

Here you can see the pretty fresh fabric of the napkin through the basket weave.

Remember the shredded cardboard I found at the Dollar Tree? Well, I used more of the same to top off the tissue paper and provide a grassy foundation before filling my EASTER basket. The shredded cardboard comes in a variety of colors but I prefer the natural brown color as it matches my basket.

I then tucked in two white silk Gardenia blooms on each side and perched a pretty little bird on the edge of one bow. Spring green, gardenia blooms and birds - what could be more nature inspired? I found the bird at Michael's. It has a small clip on the bottom which makes it super easy to attach to almost anything.

I love the way his little feathers flip and curl at the ends. This would be great to work into a front door wreath or floral arrangement. Once the basket has been decorated it was time to fill it with fun, useful gifts that any hostess could put to immediate use.

My basket contains 20 Green Toile paper plates featuring a Bunny as the centerpiece. These plates are stylish and chic and best of all, they are disposable. Another 6 napkins have been added making our total 8. Two ivory pillar candles scented with Vanilla Creme are tucked down in the grass toward the front of the basket along with a package of pretty post it notes, a shopping list pad and a spiral notebook that makes a great place to plan your menu, guest list, to-do list and needed supplies, etc. I also found a green inking pad and a rubber stamp that resembles a damask pattern. This would be fabulous for making your own elegant spring invitations. The last items featured in my basket are white plastic EASTER eggs. These are perfect for hiding little after dinner mint treats or any other small, imaginative items that your hostess might love. All that's left for me to do is wrap the basket in cellophane and tie it up with some more of that pretty striped ribbon.
Nobody ever said that just because you grow up that you grow out of giving or getting EASTER baskets. You just change the type of treats. Can you imagine showing up at your hostess' home with a lovely and practical EASTER basket full of delightful items just for her? She will love you forever! This entire basket and all it's contents cost less than $25.
Today, I was going to share a delicious recipe from my Grandmother, Mary Catherine, but have run out of time . Tune in tomorrow and I will feature her "Calico Casserole" - a perfect treat for EASTER lunch - along with my final EASTER tablescape. Until then,
Happy Decorating!


Terri Steffes said...

What a lovely idea! My mom is my hostess and I think she would love getting her own Easter basket!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

That is so nice! I bet your mother-in-law will just Love it! Very thoughtful of you!

Domestic Designer said...

Great idea and so pretty. Very thoughtful idea! Thanks!

Beverly said...

What a beautiful gift. Where did you find the wonderful green and white napkins?
Can't wait until tomorrow.
Thanks for all the inspiration.
Beverly in Odessa TX

Lynda said...

I want you to be my guest!! lol!! What a lovely and thoughtful basket, Alisa! I know your MIL will love it!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Blondie's Journal said...


I just love this! You are fabulous at giving instructions.

I am going to make two of these for my girls and fill it with their favorite "girly" things. We DO have a Hobby Lobby and I am heading over today!!! :-)

Thanks so much and have a blessed Easter. My husband & I will be in Charlston, S.C. for all of next week, including Easter! YES!!!!


Dream Mom said...

Such a pretty basket! I love the apple green color too-I used to have my kitchen walls painted that color years ago and then the past few years, I had it in my dining room. I recently re-painted but still have that color in a toile runner and tabletop accessories.

I love reading your tutorials. The basket turned out just lovely.

Melissa Miller said...

Alisa this turned out gorgeous!
I love the sweet little Green birdie hanging on the side. I know she will be so pleased with this thoughtful gift from you.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter my friend.
~Melissa :)

Ashley ~ said...

You are so thoughtful and talented. I'm taking notes*! *GRIN*
Have a blessed holiday with your family*! _Ashley ~

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Its lovely!

momof3girls said...

you are so talented! thanks for walking us thru the basket making process - I never would of thought of wrapping the handle!!!!

susan said...

With that basket in hand you'll be the hit with your MIL! It really is so nice to tell the hostess that you appreciate her in such a thoughtful way! Happy Easter

Jo said...

I wish you were coming to my home for Easter ~ what a lovely basket filled with wonderful goodies!


Sue said...

I forgot to stop and leave a comment on your awsome basket that you made for your MIL last night when I was by. She is going to put you at the top of her favorite Daughter-In-Law list for sure when she gets this.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a lucky mother-in-law! This is beautiful and so thoughtful.

Decor To Adore said...

Beautiful! Have a glorious Easter weekend!

Nicole ~ said...

This is such a beautiful basket, and filled with such useful items. This is a perfect gift!

Happy Easter, Nicole

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