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This blog is all about bringing style and elegance to the home. The art of dressing your home goes beyond hanging a few items on the wall and arranging furniture. Much like a fabulous set of earrings or a new stylish handbag may take your little black dress from fine to fabulous, home accesories and key furnishings can take your rooms from ho-hum to singing the Halleluiah Chorus! Join with me as we discover new ways to add panache to every room of the house.

Welcome to My First Tablescape Tuesday!

Hello! Today is Tablescape Tuesday and this is my premier posting! Thanks to Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun tablescape party! Since New Year's Eve is tomorrow, I thought I would do a tablescape to prepare for the festivities.

I decided on a color pallet of Ivory, Gold, and Warm Chocolate.
Let's take a look.

I love to layer my table. Nothing warms up a table like layers of table linens.
I started with an Ivory silk blend tablecloth from Ralph Lauren Home.
I was fortunate enough to find this at a HomeGoods store.
I did not have brown placemats on hand so I turned a silk brown napkin on the
diagonal and laid out my placesetting on top.
I used a matte gold charger in the Italian Countryside motif, then placed a solid Ivory plate on top. The dishes are part of a line from Better Homes and Gardens.
I doubled my napkins by layering a fine Shabby Chic ivory cotton with a scalloped edge inside a gold satin with a jacquard weave.

Here is a wider angle. I tucked the top corner of my "placemat" under but you could allow it to overlap your tablerunner if desired.
The tablerunner is a gold chenille with heavy fringe.
I used the runner as the boundary for my tablescape accessories.

Since it is New Year's Eve, I wanted to keep the theme along the lines of time.
I gathered clocks from various rooms of the house and clustered them down the
center of the table.
I collect Old World Santas and have three that are dressed in Ivory and Gold.
The perfect model for "Father Time" so they were added to the mix.

Here is a full shot of the table featuring "Father Time" and 7 clocks.
Today I will set each clock to a different time zone - New York, Dallas, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo, and of course Charlotte!

I also used a couple of gold metal stands trimmed in crystal teardrops and beads.
This helped to elevate some of the clocks to balance with the largest "Father Time" figure.

I love Mercury Glass! I started collecting it about a year and a half ago.
I featured some of my collection of candleholders in this tablescape.
As seen in this photo I used single Crystal Goblets and to play off the crystal and add sparkle,

I used some clear acrylic beads and scattered them along the table top.

The last accessory I used was large gold orbs. A rather whimsical nod to the
"Big Ball" in Times Square. I just randomly placed them around the base of the tablescape.

Here's one more look down the table.
I guess all that is missing is Baby New Year
but I just couldn't find a baby in the house!
Below is a close up shot of one of the Old World Santas
a.k.a. "Father Time".
Notice the pretty gift he carries on his shoulder.
That gift can represent our NEW YEAR.
You see another year IS a gift from GOD.
None of us are promised tomorrow
but by grace we live and breath and have our being.
I've been thinking alot about 2009 and how I will spend it.
What direction will my life go? How will I use my gifts and abilities
to honor the One who gives all life? I know that my steps are ordered so I move
confidently into the New Year with hope, peace and joy.
I pray that as you celebrate by ringing out the old year
and ringing in the new that you will take a moment
to give thanks for the gift of another year.
rest upon each of you I pray!

Tomorrow I will be posting the menu
for our NEW YEAR'S EVE buffet.
Stop back by for some yummy ideas!


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Absolutely gorgeous table! Now I wish I had not boxed up all my Christmas decor... I have a Santa or 2 I could use to recreate this table!

I love the clocks and the whole setting.... I may borrow a few of your ideas!

Happy New Year!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi Susan!
I am so glad you like the 'scape. You could achieve a similar look without unpacking your Santas. Have fun! Send my a pic if you decide to do a time themed tablescape. I am always looking for new inspiration! Have a wonderful New Year's!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Alisa, ;)

Oh my is this ever so stunning and beautiful!
You have some amazing and creative ideas. Love the idea of father time and the clocks.
Your colors and china are just beyond exquisite.
You have talent my friend.
Love it all! I'm so happy you decided to participate and I hope you enjoyed it.

~Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
~Melissa :)

Kathleen Ellis said...

Welcome to Tablescape Tuesday! You've started off with, well...PANACHE! ;-)
This is so lovely, elegant, beautiful! Great theme idea!
So glad I found your beautiful blog!

The Muse said...

Nice idea...I always need to know the time~New years or not..I just appear to get lost in moments!

I enjoy the "movement" in the table display...very rhythmic!

ellen b. said...

Alisa! This table is absolutely fabulous. What a great idea for your centerpiece! I love how you used your old world Santas and all the clocks and especially setting them to different time zones! I really like that doubling effect with the napkins, so pretty. Ok-so I'm blown away with all the creativity and prettiness here :0)
Blessings on your New Year as you honor the God that is our maker!
To get to my tablescape you'll need to click on my name at Susan's sight. I've posted a few things since...

Unknown said...

Lovely & unique use of the clocks...I too have used napkins in similar ways...It is always fun to think outside the box!
Happy New Year!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You don't know me well, but I am a squealer...when I love something this squeal sneaks out...SQUEALING!! So beautiful. MY favorite color scheme...Yeah!!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


Melanie said...

Alisa, I am so glad others are getting to see what a creative woman you are! I love, love, love the theme w/the clocks and Father Time.
Can't wait to see what your buffet includes!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a premiere!! This is just the most gorgeous thing I've seen.. I am truly loving the clock idea and may have to borrow it..:-)I love your cream plate.. Girl it is all screaming my name.. What a beautiful sentiment ..I shall remember those as well..
hugs ~lynne~

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Beautiful tablescape. I love it! Especially all the clocks.

Envoy-ette said...

Well done! Oh, you will love joining the Tuesday fun! The center of your table is just gorgeous!

Myrna said...

Absolutely STUNNING! I am so glad I found your blog! Love your tablescape-so elegant!!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Alisa,It's nice to meet you too!

WOW! This is beautiful!! I love all of the clocks, what a great idea. Your china is beutiful too.

Thanks for stopping by and your nice compliments, I really appreciate them! I look forward to visiting you often.

I hope you enjoy your New Year's eve with friends and family! Kristen

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

LOVE this table! It's stunning!

I added clocks to my new year's table last year but I don't have nearly as many & it wasn't half as pretty as your's. *pouting a bit*

Can't wait to see more of your tables...I like your style!

Schotzy said...

Love it all!!!! SO cool, and "timely"! Wish I was there to celebrate!!!

Linda Q said...

Welcome and totally fabulous table!
Love the clocks idea and the father Christmas Santas as your Father time folks!
Welcome to Tablescape Tuesdays, you showed me up for sure! But I am a newby at having things on my tables besides the junk mail and crafts!lol
Amazing job!
Happy New Year!

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Hi Alisa...welcome to your First Tablescape Tuesday! You hit the ground running...this is really stunning! Isn't it fun to shop the house and find you have everything you need right there for a great table! :-) The clocks are just brilliant! Love the orbs and the doubled napkins, too! So much thought in every detail...love it! Susan

Carolina Mama said...

You are so talented! Love the color choices. And the clocks too cute. Happy New Year's!

"Blossom" said...

You are keeping up with the tablescape times! I love different things. And of coarse you have my chocolate and gold. Lovely

Lady Katherine said...

Just absolutely lovely! The clocks, the candles, the Santas!! I just love you used a napkin for the placemat and the layered napkins. Just Lovely!

Tardevil said...

Welcome to Tablescape Tuesday! I love the Santas a/k/a Father Times & the clocks! Of course, the color scheme is always wonderful! Maybe I'll run into you at Black Lion or Home Goods - I'm in Lake Norman! Have a happy New Year!

Lynette said...

Well, I think you and I are going to get along just fine!! I am so glad I found you - we have so many blogger buddies in common already - I'm in NC also! Your TT is beautiful - love the mercury glass - I've been eyeing that lately.
Welcome to blogland - I'll be visiting you often!
Happy New Year ~

Miss Janice said...

I absolute love your tablescape with "Father Time." Awesome, simply awesome! I am definitely following your blog!


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